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An Amazing Testimonial

Working with Rob was a great experience.  He is the first agent I have worked with that actually kept the houses within the price range I was looking for and not what I was approved for.  He was pretty busy showing me houses since I was picky with what I wanted.  Since the housing market was pretty busy he would let me know anytime a new house would come on the market and he would get a showing appointment right away for us.  Even if he couldn’t make it he would make sure someone would be there to look at it with me which shows he will make things happen to make sure my time wasn’t being wasted.
Rob has great customer service and knows how the veterans benefits work.  He made sure that I maximized my benefits and is a good negotiator for getting me the best deal possible.  I refer him to everyone I know that is in the market looking for a home.  I trust him to take care of veterans in our community.  He also helped one of the veterans in my office buy a house as well.